Spazio Elvezia

Spazio Elvezia.
Where everything begins

The Arena Civica in Milan, which has always been a historical landmark in the heart of the Milanese city, is the setting for our first single-brand store in the world.

Spazio Elvezia opened its doors for the first time on June 7th, during the 2022 Milan Design Week.

KDLN - Spazio Elvezia 01

An exclusive space dedicated to our products, an evocative balance between design,
research and high technology. It could only have been designed by a Milanese architecture and design studio, Storagemilano, which only two years earlier designed the Floed ceiling and wall lamp for us.

Spazio Elvezia is divided into two meticulously studied environments. In the first, the
most iconic products, such as Kushi, find their home in filing cabinets and material volumes, next to the products of the new collection. The second environment, adjacent to
the first, instead becomes the scenic backdrop for an installation that comes to life, changes shape and appearance, proposing itself as a continuous and dynamic novelty. The result is a continuous play between light and matter, in in an alternation and contrast of different materials combined together, from the rough finish of the concrete to the fiberglass
panels and steel details.

Poetry and functionality meet to offer our visitors a unique and immersive experience in the company values. An accurate study of the products and solutions that the company offers through tailor-made advice from our sales team, but also a first-person involvement in the battle for the reforestation of the planet. In fact, since its opening, Spazio Elvezia has been the place where anyone who enters can plant a tree in collaboration with the Eden Reforestation Project, pursuing the global goal of planting 50 billion trees.
Design isn’t the only protagonist, but it is paired with sustainability.

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