Kdln World

Air of novelty. Four new products to enrich the 2024 Collection.

Date: 22 March 2024

In a year where light is not the protagonist, we don’t want to slow down. The novelties are ready and we are ready with them.”  – Stefano Bordone, Kdln president.


Table, floor and suspension. The Bird collection by Spanish designer Jordi Pla is inspired by the harmony and lightness of flamingos and herons.


I wanted the product to impress with proportions and elegance, but also simplicity. In fact, the collection is based on a thin metal rod that supports a magnetic sphere. The latter allows total rotation of a simple spotlight with an integrated LED. The dynamism, freedom and defiance of gravity, typical of birds, eventually became the characteristics of BIRD.Jordi Pla, designer


Italian Francesca Smiraglia continues her aesthetic quest toward the unconventional. Kate, the stunning ceiling lamp launched in 2023, evolves and becomes suspension as well.

It represents the right compromise between a decorative and architectural lighting fixture. The simplicity of its forms and light diffusion make it fit into any architectural context.Francesca Smiraglia, designer.

With the 2024 Collection, light becomes an art and functionality is transformed into timeless beauty.