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kdln plant the future

2022. “We will contribute to the global effort of planting over 50 billions trees, aiming to restore woods and forests for up to 10% of the involved territories, regenerating natural habitats and biodiversity and protecting the rights of local workers” Stefano Bordone, company President. We will realize this project thanks to the partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, an American no-profit company that has been committed to fight the effects of climate change for years.

From now on, those who choose our products will play an active role in the project. For each product sold, we will allocate a percentage of its revenues to Eden Reforestation Projects to support the reforestation in Kenya.
Our mission? Sustain the re-flourishing of ecosystems allowed by the reduction of CO₂ emissions in favour of oxygen.

kdln plant the future

and social sustainability project

The involvement of local communities is of primary importance. They will play an active part in restoring the forests they have seen torn down during the years. Through the application of techniques that allow trees to be planted effectively, we will generate new job opportunities and improving the conditions and life prospect of the inhabitants.

A thousand steps
always start from the first one.

2020. We sign a metaphorical agreement with trees becoming “guardians” of the forest, but above all we are committed in becoming promoters of eco-sustainable ideas and behaviours. We support Trentino Tree Agreement to help restore the Violins Forest destroyed in 2018 by the fury of Vaia storm, to create a virtuous chain that spreads in the collective consciousness.

kdln Trentino tree agreement

2019. The support for Trentino Tree Agreement represents the natural evolution of the Kushi Wood Edition project, the special version of the unique Kushi lamp. The rod was made of spruce wood recovered from the trees destroyed by Vaia storm. A tribute to nature. A symbolic contribution, born from the belief that every single action can be significant and makes a difference.

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