Robert Dabi

He is based near Nuremberg (Bavaria), where he studied and practices interdisciplinary design. Since he started to work as a creative in around 2002, he gathered experience in various fields such as illustration, graphic design, interaction design, and photography. He also worked as media designer with the biggest tech start-up incubator of his region. He started with product design in 2010 while co-founding a watch brand with friends in Hong Kong. Products he created were sold worldwide, and in places such as the MoMa Design Store or the Dezeen watch store. Driven by curiosity, he is constantly exploring new areas of creativity. This lead him to lighting design, something that he was always obsessed with. With affinity to interior design, he freely experiments with different materials and concepts to create lighting objects. The first lamp he published won the Platinum A’ Design award in 2020.

Lamps from this artist

  • Poise Ceiling
  • Poise Floor
  • Poise