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Kdln ANNEX. Milano Design Week 2023

Date: 17 April 2023

Kdln ANNEX. Milano Design Week 2023

Not only new products. From April 17th, in the heart of Milan and in conjunction with Milan Design Week, next to Spazio Elvezia – the company’s first single-brand showroom – Kdln creates its parallel reality, in which the rules and logics of perception are surprisingly rewritten and disrupted.

A temporal distortion like “Inception”, in which dreams and madness are considered the means to overcome rationality. ANNEX is the temporary space in which to immerse yourself and disconnect from the frenzy of the most important week in the sector. The concept could only come from the architecture and design studio Storagemilano, already hired by the lighting brand for the design of Spazio Elvezia in 2022.

We worked trying to undermine the concept of the conventional showroom, elevating the raw and decontextualized building materials to an experiential background on which the new Kdln products are shown.” – Marco Donati, founder, together with Barbara Ghidoni and Michele Pasini of the Storagemilano studio.

Once again, the Kdln style takes concrete shape: poetry and functionality meet to offer visitors and customers a unique and memorable experience. This time, all in the name of the unconventional.